Swim Schools

Business Consultancy for Swim Schools


To provide Swim Schools with affordable business solutions

Business consulting is the practice of aiding business to improve their performance, through analysis of existing business concerns and developing a plan for improvement

We offer:

  • Review of aquatic programmes
  • Deciding on a business strategy
  • Financial understanding and accounting practices
  • Options for improving finances
  • Onsite staff training and development
  • Options for staff retention
  • Improving customer service and customer retention
  • Options for increasing numbers
  • Develop Swim School owner’s leadership skills
  • And more……..

Interested in:

  • Toys, goggles and more, click on Shop
  • Networking opportunities, click on Swim Teachers
  • Staff training, click on Professional Development andWorkshops


We offer a free service to Swim Schools and Clubs to:

  • Advertise staff vacancies for your facility on our SwimEd website

If interested, please forward details to us at: info@swimed.co.nz