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Foundations Swimming Skills Workshops

For School Teachers

Workshops are specific to the needs of School Teachers, taking into account the following:

Teachers are:

  • Professionals with limited time available
  • Need effective and direct teaching outcomes

We Offer:

  • Onsite training opportunities
  • Sound knowledge and accepted Best Practice methods and standards
  • Quality workshops tutored by experienced Tutors
  • Professional Development tailored to your specific needs
  • Consultations with Schools on Aquatic Education and implementation of programme
  • Affordable pricing and value for money


  • To provide School Teachers with sound knowledge and understanding of the progressions of Learn to Swim and basic water safety skills

Suggested Topics:

  • School Swimming: management, risks, safety and more..
  • Teaching different abilities and levels
  • Progressions of Learn to Swim
  • Key teaching points for effective learning
  • Teaching aquatics when pool is not available
  • Ideas to incorporate learning back to classroom
  • Practical ideas for teaching Foundation Swimming Skills


We have a solution for all your Aquatic Education Needs

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