Feedback from courses

Feedback on Foundation Swimming Skills course

Mercer – Trainee Teacher (14 March 2010)
Thank you!!!!  You are a fun Tutor and I learnt heaps!!

Vanessa – Trainee Teacher (14 March 2010)
Was awesome as!!!

Verity – Teaching for 1 year (14 March 2010)
Practical tips and pool session was fantastic

Elliot – Teaching for 1 Term (14 March 2010)
Enjoyed the more innovative method which I gained from this including the booklet which is fantastic. Thank you !!

Stephanie – Teaching  for 1 year (14 March 2010)
Thanks heaps. Learnt heaps and will be able to apply heaps to my classes. Awesome experience. Was expecting something boring, but completely the opposite, Thanks !!!!!!

Elaine – Teaching for 2 Terms (14 March 2010)
It was lots of fun and also informative. Sharon brought a positive attitude and was funny. I had lots of fun and learnt heaps

Kelly  – Teaching for 6+ years (14 March 2010)
Thought the course was very good, got good ideas and new skills to teach my kids.

Maureen – Teaching for 4+ years (14 March 2010)
The skills of the Tutor were outstanding. Great course, learnt lots.

Moe – Experienced teacher (14 March 2010)
Thank you very much Sharon for an informative and fun course.


Feedback on Adapted Aquatic course

Tracy – Experienced Teacher (31 January 2010)
Highly  recommend. Pool session, DVDs, content. Awesome !!!
Thank you so much !!

Hinewhare – Experienced Teacher (31 January 2010)
Definitely recommend this course. Pool session excellent

Esther – Experienced Teacher (31 January 2010)
Excellent course, recommend this course;. Pool session and DVDs  !!!!!

Garth – Experienced Teacher (31 January 2010)
All of the course was the best and would recommend it. Practical session was very beneficial. Thank you!!


Feedback on Early Childhood Aquatic – Splash and Play course

Hinewhare – Experienced Teacher (30 January 2010)
Nga mihi ki a koe Sharon. Excellent course

Esther – Experienced Teacher (30 January 2010)
Totally 100% recommend this course. Outstanding!!!!!

Garth – Experienced Teacher (30 January 2010)
On a scale from 1 – 10, I learnt 10 being the most !!!

Lee-Ann – Experienced Teacher (30 January 2010)
Learnt so much